The ProNova SC360 Proton Therapy System

Redefining Clinical Value

Quality Without Compromise.

The SC360 outperforms any other proton therapy system in the world with precise, on-demand dosage treatments, less collateral damage, higher operational efficiencies and clinical value.

ProNova’s system design leverages superconducting magnet technology in the novel compact gantry, dramatically reducing the system size, weight, and power consumption, increasing operational efficiency. Featuring an open treatment room with advanced imaging capabilities, the SC360 delivers essential clinical capabilities and remains impressively scalable.

Championing Technological Change

Announcing the new SC360 that features a Superconducting Isochronous Cyclotron (SCIC), a 360° gantry and the most efficient, effective, and smart beam delivery. We are prepared to offer solutions to meet existing or growing oncology needs.

Our multi-configured models can satisfy any need to expand your menu of services with proton therapy. We can offer a single-room system or single-room expandable system designed for immediate and future growth, or a multi-room system to meet higher patient volume demands. We are experienced in understanding project goals, clinic goals, disease sites, and patient throughput, all of which require consideration when selecting the most appropriate system to help you reach your goals.

The single-room compact system offers the smallest footprint without compromising the 360° gantry for optimal clinical value.
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The 2-room system features the unique Independent Energy Selection that allows simultaneous multi-room treatments.

Quality is Measurable

The SC360 commands respect with unique technology and engineering to out-deliver any other proton therapy system in the world with timely and precise on-demand dosage treatments, less collateral damage, higher operational efficiencies and clinical value.

  1. SCIC
  • Superconducting Isochronous Cyclotron technology reduces footprint, weight and cost
  • Constant, ultra-high intensity beam (> 1000 nA) supports rapid hypofractionation, breath-hold treatments, and clinical FLASH* deliveries
  1. Beam Transport Design
  • Beam Transport System focuses and shapes the beam leading to the world’s smallest spot size
  1. 360° Full Gantry
  • World’s first and only 360° superconducting proton gantry
  • Superconducting magnets dramatically reduce footprint, weight and cost
  • Precise delivery from any angle without repositioning or reimaging patient
  • Single-field 360° Arc* treatments
  • Open treatment room design enables MR or PET integration
  • ProNova AI Innovation
  • AI-enhanced automated beamline tuning and machine QA
  • AI-enhanced beam delivery reduces treatment time and improves treatment accuracy
  • AI-driven patient QA workflow reduces time-to-treatment and enables online adaptive therapy

*Not yet FDA-Approved for clinical use.


Innovation Redefined


PRONOVA SC360 PROTON THERAPY SYSTEM The SC360 is the only superconducting compact proton therapy system that maintains a full 360° treatment angle and fully accessible treatment at isocenter. This offers uncompromisable performance and a distinctive open treatment room. The proprietary superconducting achromat technology operates at 4 Tesla and allows an extremely compact 360° footprint. The even greater advantage is an open isocenter and rectangular treatment room that future proofs SC360 facilities.

SCIC: Superconducting Isochronous Cyclotron ProNova’s superconducting isochronous cyclotron is manufactured at ProNova and is integrated into the FDA-approved and clinically demonstrated ProNova SC360 to provide up to 1000nA high-current beam, that supports rapid hypofractionation, breath-hold treatments and clinical FLASH deliveries.

ADVANCED IMAGING Integrated-dual energy CBCT with closed loop couch flex correction and 3D/3D registration offers unparalleled precision and an ultra large field-of-view (up to 70cm x29cm with field stitching), supporting advanced IGRT and the capability to treat multiple fields with one image. Non-isocentric and partial arc modes ensure that patients can be imaged at isocenter in any setup pose and at any gantry angle. Available 2D planar imaging and 2D/3D registration can be used for fast position verification. Adaptive mesh-based image protocols (x-ray beam is collimated to the patient contour) reduce patient dose. The imager is also capable of fluoroscopy mode for continuous tumor-motion tracking and fan-beam mode for diagnostic quality images in future releases.

FAST-SCANNING IMPT Fast-scanning IMPT beam technology allows for extremely fast layer painting and repainting, utilizing a high frequency scanning magnet up to 10 times faster than the competition. This is useful for faster treatments and less susceptibility to motion.

INDEPENDENT-ENERGY SELECTION SYSTEM Another innovative and unique ProNova feature is independent energy selection for each treatment room. This provides instantaneous room-switching and greatly reduces patient treatment times, improving clinical capabilities. Future applications include intra-fraction room switching to improve workflow and throughput.

STEREOTACTIC BODY RADIATION THERAPY (SBRT) ProNova is capable, has demonstrated, and is currently treating patients clinically with SBRT where five or less fractions are delivered to the tumor of eligible patients. This hypofractionation is the ability to deliver high dose rates in fewer treatments than pulse-beam technology to the smallest tumors.

ARC RADIATION THERAPY ProNova is capable and has demonstrated ARC Radiation Therapy where a rotational beam approach is used to deliver a prescribed conventional dose in a continuous arc, enabling enhanced conformity and precision. The SC360 is capable and ready for further development of ARC Radiation Therapy in collaboration with clinical partners.

FLASH RADIATION THERAPY* ProNova’s high extraction and transmission efficiency coupled with the smallest spot size on the market allow SC360 to achieve FLASH dose rates (>40 Gy/s) with reduced beam current from the cyclotron. ProNova’s open treatment room design has clear advantage for using ridge filters and range shifters to delivery volumetric plans with a single energy layer. Tests with the SC360 show that with no changes in the current configuration, dose rates up to 600 Gy/s can be achieved. The SC360 is capable and ready for further development of FLASH Radiation Therapy in collaboration with clinical partners.

*Not yet FDA-Approved for clinical use.

Adaptive Design

SCALABLE ProNova’s system design is impressively scalable, with a unique open-room treatment area, independent energy selection, and reduced system footprint, easily accommodating the future addition of treatment rooms to meet business demands.

IMAGING & WORKFLOW OPTIMIZATION Automated image registration enhances the patient experience and optimizes workflow, allowing for imaging at any bed or gantry position, rapid re-planning, and reducing patient exposure.

OPEN ROOM An open treatment room improves access to the patient. Imaging independent of the gantry with large field-of-view CBCT at isocenter provides endless flexibility in workflow and the room is future-proofed to easily accommodate technological advancement.

Workflow Optimization
  • Large in-room monitors display treatment information
  • 6 DOF robot positioner with optical tracking and correction
  • Large, flat moving floor increases therapist access and open room
  • Moving gantry face and no moving tunnel
  • Optional customer designed walls
  • Optional fixed surface can be used for accessories such as cameras, lasers, projectors, etc.
  • 360° Superconducting gantry
  • Patented superconducting achromatic beamline enabling workflow-centric room design
  • High current, continuous beam cyclotron supports fast hypofractionation
  • Permanant magnet, constant energy beamline uses no power or cooling
  • Independent energy selection system with millisecond room switching
  • Pencil Beam Scanning with optional apertures and ultra-fast scanning and layer changes.
Cost Efficiency
SIZE & WEIGHT Reduce size up to 52% and weight up to 83% by utilizing a lighter innovative gantry design and superconducting magnet technology.

ENERGY CONSUMPTION Reduce power consumption up to 81% with superconducting magnet technology, optimizing operational expenses.

LOGISTICS Smaller and lighter components allow for standard shipping with no need for oversized trucks, simplifying logistics and lowering costs.

CONSTRUCTION In-house project development expertise decreases construction costs by up to 50% and reduces project complexities.

INSTALLATION Our experienced team brings a streamlined installation process, expediting time-to-market. Factory-built and tested components improve quality and reduce installation and commissioning timelines.

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