Radiation Effects Service and Support

Service and Support

At ProNova, our on-site accelerator operator and supervising physicist offer exceptional operational and technical support to all our customers. Our physics team spends time calibrating the proton beam to meet the specific requirements of each testing group. After the testing is completed, our team provides customers with a detailed log of each testing run, including log files from our ion chamber showing the fluence and flux during every second of the test run.

Testing with ProNova enables customers to start or pause the beam using an interface, providing increased control, efficiency, and convenience.

ProNova offers a complete line of services and support to assist in the completion of your Radiation Effects Testing goals.

Shielding Materials

service 1

5% Borated High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) for shielding equipment from neutrons

Holding Fixtures

service 2
service 3

The Panavise type equipment offered is shown here. Heavier equipment can be mounted on a cart.

Rate Monitor for User Control

service 4

ProNova offers a convenient user controllable rate monitor based on a Surface Tablet. Using the rate monitor display and controller, the user can stop or start the beam, set a fluence setpoint to stop the beam, and monitor beam flux and fluence in real time during the test run.

Rate Monitor Log

service 5

ProNova provides rate log data to customer post-testing. Rate monitor logs fluence and flux every second during time testing. These logs are sent to customers after they leave the facility.

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