Pioneering Proton Solutions in Research and Oncology

ProNova Solutions is a US medical device manufacturer providing the most innovative oncology and research solutions with proton therapy beam delivery.

Inspired by patients, the SC360 is the first and only 360° compact proton therapy system in the world, establishing a new standard of excellence in timely precision. Sophisticated design elements combined with ProNova SMART AI products integrate seamlessly to deliver the highest treatment accuracy and clinical value. The SC360 is a No-Compromise Solution for cancer patients.

ProNova’s Radiation-Effects Program collaborates with space products and researchers to reveal outcomes that will impact future development of electronics in space mission analysis and in the automotive, aviation, medical and commercial industries.

History of Innovation

ProNova has a distinguished history of developing advanced technology and delivering solutions to the medical device market. Founded by the leaders of CTI Molecular Imaging, these renowned entrepreneurs who first revolutionized cancer diagnostics with positron emission tomography (PET) are redefining the future of cancer treatment once again.

Provision Healthcare is making proton therapy a clinical reality for millions of cancer patients with the introduction of the SC360 Proton Therapy System, designed and built by the world-class ProNova technical and operations team.

Trusted and proven, our expertise helped develop an industry with over 350 cyclotrons, more than 3,000 PET & PET/CT systems, and 160 PET radiopharmaceutical distribution centers installed around the world today. Today we continue to challenge the status quo and are shaping the future of cancer treatment with the ProNova SC360, the next generation of proton therapy.

Our patient-centered vertical integration empowers us to revolutionize comprehensive cancer care, leading future innovation that begins and ends with the patient. This unique model leverages our expertise across the spectrum of care, delivering the first and only model of its kind to deliver new standards of excellence that exceed patient expectations and operational efficiencies. The ProNova SC360 was conceived, designed, manufactured, tested, and commercialized to enhance the patient experience and treatment process, improving clinical workflows.

Performance Matters

Our history of innovation establishes us as a leader in medical technology advancements. Research and development along with clinical application are integral components of our tested and proven success. The uncompromising design of the ProNova SC360 began with a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and safety. Our patented superconducting magnet technology creates a larger and more useful rectangular treatment room compared to any other system, large or small, with capabilities to accommodate future technology advances, such as SBRT (Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy); ARC Radiation Therapy and FLASH* Radiation Therapy. At the same time, this technology leverages a smaller footprint, lower energy costs and overall construction costs, and optimizes operational performance.

*Not yet FDA-Approved for clinical use.

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