Radiation Effects Testing Site Features

ProNova offers the most convenient, efficient and effective environment for radiation-effects testing with spacious work rooms, efficient workflow features, and broad beam parameters to meet diverse testing requirements.

PRIME TIME Testing Hours

Beam time is available weekdays
8am-8pm EST and weekends upon request and availability. Testing up to 12 hours per day with 100% uninterrupted beam access.
Dedicated Beamline

We are the only 230 MeV proton accelerator and beam line dedicated to rad-effects testing. The dedicated beam line offers priority to your research without patient treatment interruptions.
Uninterrupted beam, ease of access to the test vault along with high confidence calibrations and beam delivery verification in advance of the test team’s arrival, contribute to significant increases in productivity and reduced costs.
Broad Testing Parameters

ProNova offers broad flux and beam uniformity to deliver successful testing results.
Ease of Access

ProNova Radiation Effects Testing Center offers easy access to the campus, the facility and the entrance to the testing site on a beautiful medical campus.
Efficient Workflow

The ProNova testing center offers convenience and efficiency with open and direct access from irradiation vault to customer data acquisition area, a user-controlled rate monitor and dedicated beam for testing.

Testing Site Features

The ProNova testing center offers convenience and efficiency.

  • Distance from data acquisition to the vault is just a few meters. Maximum cable run is about 60 feet and usually much shorter.
  • Sliding shielding door with ¾” clearance for cables to run underneath

ProNova offers spacious and convenient work area for testing and data collection.

  • 50-foot cable is sufficient to reach from work area to target station.
  • Operator’s control room is to the right of the screen.
  • Tablet for customers to control beam pausing.
  • Various monitors for customer use.

Example:  Large Beam Set-Up


Example:  Small Beam Set-Up

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