Clinical Trials

Provision Center for Biomedical Research serves as an independent research site, consistently delivering excellence in patient care and study performance that meets research requirements and builds strong relationships with physician and sponsor partners.

Listed below are Active and Upcoming Clinical Trials. “Active” status means that Provision Center for Biomedical Research is actively involved in the trial, which may or may not be accepting new patients. Active status has two types: “Active: Open to Patient Enrollment” status is in the patient recruitment phase, where patients are welcome to enroll, provided they meet the study criteria; or “Active: Closed to Patient Enrollment”, where the study is still active in collecting data, but is closed to enrolling new patients. Should patients be interested in a trial that is closed to enrollment, they may inquire about other studies where they might qualify to participate.

If you would like more information on our clinical trials or want to learn more about enrollment, please CONTACT US

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